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Daily Reggae Feature

Updated: Apr 10

On March 3rd, Dukes of Roots was spotlighted on Daily Reggae, where they unveiled their Track of the Week, "Stick With Love" featuring Stephen Marley. This announcement was subsequently followed a few weeks later by a captivating review featured on Daily Regga. The debut album by Dukes Of Roots titled "Duke Of Roots" is eloquently explored.

In their recent article, Daily Reggae provides an insightful review of Dukes Of Roots' debut album, aptly titled "Duke Of Roots". The article encapsulates the essence of the album, emphasizing its significance in not only revitalizing the sound of reggae but also in embodying its spirit.

Through a meticulous exploration of the album's tracks and featured artists, the review highlights the global appeal and collaborative nature of the project. With a lineup that transcends geographical boundaries, including talents like Mermans Mosengo, George “Fully” Fullwood, and Courtney Diedrick, the ensemble breathes new life into roots reggae, offering a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

The review delves into the album's diverse range of features, showcasing the band's adaptability and versatility. From Stephen Marley's poignant reflection on love in "Stick With Love" to Tarrus Riley's energetic rendition of "Pressure Drop", each track brings a unique perspective to the overarching theme of unity and upliftment.

A standout moment in the album comes with "Tosh", a tribute to the legendary Peter Tosh featuring Andrew Tosh. Here, Duke Of Roots delves into the legacy of reggae's pioneers, addressing themes of grief and injustice with poignant lyricism and powerful instrumentation.

The review also highlights the album's exploration of historical and social narratives, particularly evident in tracks like "John Punch (remake)" featuring Darius Rucker and "Cross the Rubicon (Dub by Scientist)". Through soulful storytelling and atmospheric production, Duke Of Roots navigates complex themes, showcasing reggae's role as a medium for cultural reflection and commentary.

Overall, the article celebrates "Duke Of Roots" as a compelling testament to reggae's enduring legacy and its capacity to inspire change. Seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, Dukes Of Roots offers a refreshing take on the genre, propelling it into new territories while staying true to its roots.

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