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New Album "Dukes Of Roots" Out now!

Updated: Apr 10

We're thrilled to share that our highly anticipated debut album is out now! 🌟 This self-titled album is a remarkable collection of soulful reggae tracks that truly showcase the eclectic sound and diverse musical influences of our band.

Featuring an all-star lineup of collaborations, including renowned artists such as Tarrus Riley, Kabaka Pyramid, Andrew Tosh, Natiruts, Darius Rucker, and Titi Tsira, each track on the album offers a distinct flavor. But perhaps the highlight of the album is our collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist and producer, Stephen Marley, on the track "Stick with Love."

"Stick with Love" is a powerhouse performance that exemplifies unity and positivity through heartfelt lyrics and infectious rhythms. Marley's velvety vocals beautifully complement the soulful melodies of the album, creating a harmonious fusion that is both uplifting and profound.

"We are thrilled to finally share our music with the world through our debut album," expresses Rod Walkey, band member, and executive producer. "This album is a testament to our love for reggae and the eclectic mix of influences that have shaped our sound. We hope that it brings joy and positivity to all who listen."

The album's production credits boast an impressive lineup of talented individuals who have contributed to shaping its rich and dynamic sound. From the traditional elements of reggae to modern production techniques, each aspect of the album has been meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable musical experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes peeks leading up to the album release! 🎶 Let's spread the love and positivity together through the power of music. 🌍✨ #DukesOfRoots #NewAlbumRelease #ReggaeMusic #StickWithLove

Track List for Dukes Of Roots The Album
Track List for Dukes Of Roots The Album

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