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"Try Happy" unites the reggae and Brazilian rhythms of Dukes of Roots and Natiruts, creating a cross-cultural musical journey. Directed by Kieran Khan, the video captures stunning landscapes and vibrant performances, emphasizing the song's uplifting message. The collaboration showcases the bands' chemistry, infectious rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics, spreading joy to fans of both genres. Lead vocalist Merman Mosengo and Natiruts express their excitement, aiming to inspire happiness and unity through music. The release reflects their commitment to meaningful, boundary-breaking music.

"Pressure Drop" pays homage to Toots Hibbert, featuring Tarrus Riley. Following Toots' passing in September 2020, the Dukes of Roots were inspired to honor his legacy. Toots' poignant quote, "If you do bad things to innocent people, then bad things will happen to you. I’d say ‘The pressure’s going to drop on you," resonates throughout the song. Through this tribute, the Dukes of Roots keep Toots Hibbert's timeless message alive for generations to come.who you are, what you do and what your website is all about. Double click on the text box to edit the text and add all the information you want to share.

Remix of earlier single originally released in April, 2023. This updated version is a collaboration with 2023 Grammy-award winner Kabaka Pyramid and legendary songwriter Michael "Mikey" Bennett, along with Mermans Mosengo, Sean “YoungPow” Diedrick, Simon Bowden and Rod Walkey. The lyrics were inspired by the love felt from the Jamaican community whilst Dukes Of Roots were shooting a music video in various locations in Jamaica. Kabaka Pyramid’s distinct voice and lyrical genius makes this collaboration a testament to creating timeless and impactful music.

This song is about the homicide of legendary reggae artist Peter Tosh. The tribute song touched elements of Peter´s work lyrically and musically through styles heard in his work as a solo artist. The song features his son Andrew and several musicians Peter worked with, including saxophonist Dean Fraser, guitarist Donald Kinsey, bassist George ¨Fully¨ Fullwood and drummer Santa Davis who was in the house when Peter was shot. Santa was also shot but survived. 

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