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Dukes of Roots Exclusive Interview with David Rodigan on BBC 1Xtra

Reggae enthusiasts and music lovers, rejoice! The Dukes of Roots, a dynamic band bringing fresh vibrancy to the reggae scene, were recently featured in an exclusive interview with the legendary David Rodigan on BBC 1Xtra. This engaging session gave fans an in-depth look into the band’s new album, the talented members behind the music, and some exclusive insights that are sure to excite listeners worldwide.

Unveiling the New Album

The Dukes of Roots are no strangers to creating captivating reggae tunes that resonate with audiences far and wide. In their interview with David Rodigan, the band delved into the creative process behind their much-anticipated new album. They shared stories of inspiration, the unique blend of sounds they’ve incorporated, and the overarching themes that run through the tracks. The album promises to be a testament to their dedication to reggae music, while also pushing the boundaries to introduce innovative elements.

Meet the Band Members

A band is only as strong as its members, and the Dukes of Roots are a testament to this. During the interview, listeners got a chance to learn more about the individuals who make up this talented group. Each member brings their own distinct style and energy, contributing to the band’s unique sound. From the powerful vocals to the intricate instrumentals, every member plays a crucial role in bringing their music to life.

Exclusive Insights

David Rodigan’s interview wasn’t just about the new album; it also provided fans with exclusive insights into the band’s journey, their creative process, and what drives them as artists. The Dukes of Roots opened up about their experiences in the music industry, the challenges they’ve faced, and the triumphs they’ve celebrated. These candid revelations offered a deeper connection between the band and their audience, showcasing the passion and perseverance that fuel their music.

Listen to the Full Interview

For those who missed the live broadcast of Dukes Of Roots BBC1 Xtra David Rodigan, don’t worry! You can listen to the full interview and immerse yourself in the world of Dukes of Roots by following this link. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their music, this interview is a must-listen, providing a comprehensive look at the band’s latest endeavors and their vision for the future.


The Dukes of Roots continue to make waves in the reggae music scene, and their exclusive interview with David Rodigan on BBC 1Xtra is a testament to their rising influence and artistic prowess. With a new album on the horizon and a wealth of talent within the band, the future looks bright for the Dukes of Roots. Tune in to their interview, discover their latest tracks, and join the journey of one of reggae’s most promising bands.

Dukes Of Roots BBC1 Xtra David Rodigan
Dukes Of Roots BBC1 Xtra David Rodigan

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